Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning of Carpets

Unlike hard floors, carpet is a three-dimensional surface. This can make it a hassle when it comes to cleaning because of all of the places soil and grime can be trapped. A regular maintenance program is important to decreasing abrasive wear, extending the life of your carpet, and making your workplace more attractive.

Carpet steam cleaning from First Capital Commercial Cleaners in York, Pennsylvania will make your indoor landscape something to be admired. We use the best and most effective means steam cleaning your carpets with an eye for detail, not just high traffic areas. Our trained carpet technicians provide service to the highest quality standards. Steam cleaning can be performed in as little as one evening or one weekend day to allow for thoroughness and carpet dry time.

Carpet Bonnet Cleaning

Our bonnet cleaning method gives your carpets a continuous first-rate appearance. Though this method of carpet cleaning is not as in depth and intense as steam cleaning, it can be performed within a few hours and needs no drying time, which makes this an excellent option for a quick “sprucing up” of your carpets.

Enjoy a Clean Workspace