Tile Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Tile Stripping & Refinishing

Breathe new life into tired, dull floors with floor stripping and waxing/refinishing from First Capital Commercial Cleaners in York, Pennsylvania. We use the highest quality floor stripping solution and refinishing products coupled with our reknowned knowledge skill set to provide the stunning, mirror-finish on your floors that is sure to please even the most discerning clients and staff members.

During the stripping process, we completely strip the surface of the tile, without harming it while thoroughly removing all marks, scuffs, stains, residue and build-up. Stripped floor surfaces are thoroughly rinsed with clean water before THREE applications of floor wax are administered to the stripped area. This ensures that your floors not only stay polished and sparkling for a longer period of time, but the floors themselves are better protected from the elements as well. Once dry, your floors will have a uniform appearance and look as good as new, without any collateral damage to walls, partitions, or glass such as chemical damage or wax smears.

Tile Floor Maintenance

Maintain your tile floors’ clean, mirror-like finish with our maintenance services. We dry and damp mop floors as a regular part of our ongoing janitorial service and, as requested by the customer, thoroughly machine scrub and buff floors to preserve their polished appearance.

First Capital Commercial Cleaners uses a coordinated system of products on all floors. The use of high quality, compatible materials results in a superior job when compared to our competitors.

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